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Thug Life / Hoodie Digital in black Thug Life / Hoodie Digital in black 47,30 € 45,00 € Save: 5 %


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Thug Life / Hoodie Digital in black
Thug Life / Hoodie Digital in black
Thug Life / Hoodie Digital in black
Thug Life / Hoodie Digital in black
Thug Life / Hoodie Digital in black

Thug Life / Hoodie Digital in black

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  • Thug Life
  • Material: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • 100% Original Guaranteed
  • High Comfort
  • Imported



: 47,30 € Maat: S: 37,19 € exclusief btw
45,00 € met btw
Save: 5 %



Stylish men´s hoodie does not have to be boring

Modern men´s hoodie is an essential piece of clothing, like pants and shirts. We learned to wear hoodie with everything and the reason is simple - very comfortable and casual clothes. A men´s hoodie is no longer only for sports. Modern design and original details can make the luxury clothes for every situation of any men´s hoodie and layering gives every outfit an original style. Even with men´s hoodies it is true that beauty is in simplicity and you certainly spoil nothing with the single-color hoodie with small logo, design or eccentric cut.


Men´s hoodies can look better

A stylish men´s hoodie can be good-looking itself. But if you use „layering of clothes" you get something extra. An ordinary men's hoodie will change to a perfect masterpiece outfit. The layering is not hard work or rocket science. Just a little of flair, style and imagination. Sometimes it is enough to flip through a fashion magazine or watch a music video and inspiration is right in the world.


Layering of clothes and how to do it

The basic point is to have clothes in several layers. This creates layering. We talk about the upper part that is men's hoodie, T-shirt, jacket, coat, vest, bandana, scarf and so on. The principle is that the lower layers poke out from under the top layers. A men's hoodie is perfect for layering. Wearing a cotton men´s T-shirt with ordinary hoodie is not something special. But if you choose one piece of clothing that completely differs, it is art. The piece should be something exceptional. For example, a T-shirt with interesting printing or men's hoodie with the asymmetrical length. But be careful with combining different lengths. Men's hoodies and T-shirts will look better in combination with clothes that are shorter. You should probably avoid the variation of shorts with a long men's hoodie. A good tip is to wear a men's crewneck with untucked checkered shirt underneath. On the top you can wear a sports jacket Windrunner in the simple black and white combination. Also, do not forget to select appropriate accessories such as a small shoulder bag, backpack, cap and of course well-fitting pants. The men's hoodie with zipper and distinctive small print will look great with extended white t-shirt, ripped jeans and green bomber jacket. It only takes a little practice and inspiration. You will be more and more courageous every day and the result will be worth it.


Men´s hoodies online at

Because we love street fashion and hip hop, in our shop you will always purchase original stylish hoodies that perfectly highlight your image. We have a large selection of men´s hoodies and choosing will not be easy. The most popular include the men's hoodie with zipper, which is comfy because it eliminates annoying pulling over a head. The most old school is a typical hip hop hoodie with the pocket "kangaroo" in the front. All of us grew up wearing it and this type will always have its supporters.

How to choose the right size of men's hoodie

Each brand uses its own sizing, there is nothing universal. Most men´s hoodies are in the sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL. Some brands have in selection also over-large sizes 4XL, 5XL and 6XL or smaller sizes XXS and XS. If you already have experience with the brand, you will be able to guess your size of the hoodie. If not, the size chart, that is listed for each product separately, will help you (if it is missing, send us an email and we will measure a men's hoodie for you). Data from the size chart of men´s hoodie compare with the one you have at home. We do not recommend to compare with the body measurements, because the clothes are looser and always have a few cm more.


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